In healthy people, the blood and lymph flow smoothly through the body. But this is not the case with unhealthy people. To be a healthy person, the blood and lymph must flow smoothly through the body as mentioned above.

The theoretical background is that elastic tape facilitates the flow by securing a space that was obstructed by the flow of blood and lymph by using its adhesiveness and turbidity.

In taping, Pain control theory called gateway control theory considers important for improving circulation using elasticity.

Our body senses five main senses.

The senses of warmth, cold, pain, contact, and pressure are located in the skin. Among them, pain is the most distributed than the others.

The pain has more receptors than other stimuli but because its pathway to the brain is the narrowest than the others, the speed of the pain to reach the brain is slower than the speed of other stimuli.

Our body can process only one stimulus at a time even if you give simultaneous stimulation.

By applying the tape to the painful skin, we stimulate the sense of touch which will reach our brain faster than the sense of pain. The sense of pain will arrive later and therefore we feel less pain.


Normalization of the muscles functions

It refers to making a muscle normalization that does not function properly due to various causes like injury, overuse, stress, etc. Muscle cannot be able to contract when a muscle is too tight or stretched.

You may have experienced that your muscles strained after doing hard work in your daily life. Also, when you try to give strength to an area that has not been used well, you will not be able to use it properly.

Attaching the tape that holds the muscles normally, it helps to be able to function properly.

▶ Normalization of the blood and the lymph flow

If the flow of blood and lymph is not smooth, the blood and lymph will remain in one place just like water is trapped in a dam, and congestion will occur.

Congestion makes nerves pressed, and it makes feel uncomfortable and even painful.

At this time, you can improve the congestion by taping which makes the stagnant blood and lymph flow smooth.

Pain Relief

Taping has an effect of pain-relieving. When we are in pain, we unconsciously hold our hands around the painful area. You might feel as if the pain has gone away. That’s the relief of pain through contact.

Normalization of the joint torsion

Joints exist between all bones and bones. It is the muscles that move those bones. A change in the position of the joint may occur when the muscles are over-tighten or extended for a long time due to various reasons. Taping helps the joints to return to a natural position by relieving the symptoms of excessive muscular stress. Also, in the case of Athletes, excessive stress causes joint damage and bone fragment. At this time, taping can be used to prevent it.